Amorphous alloy is a new type of energy saving material, which is made by rapid cooling of molten metal at a rate of one million degrees per second. Because of the random atomic structure which is completely different from crystals, amorphous alloys have high permeability and low power loss. When applied to distribution transformer cores, amorphous alloys can greatly reduce the no-load loss of transformers. Meanwhile, the amorphous alloy ribbon production process is very compact, and there is no waste discharge in the production process. Therefore amorphous alloy technology is known as a revolutionary progress in metallurgy and metallic materials due to the excellent dual energy saving effect in production and application of amorphous alloys.

As an excellent soft magnetic material, iron-based amorphous alloy is widely used in distribution transformers, reactors, inductors, sensors, etc., and greatly improve the efficiency of the devices. Especially in the field of distribution transformers, amorphous core transformers save 60%-80% no-load losses compared to traditional silicon steel core ones.


Compared to silicon steel, Fe-based amorphous alloy has the following characteristics:

The long range random atomic structure disappears crystalline anisotropy, hence it has low coercivity and low hysteresis loss;

The electrical resistivity of Fe-based amorphous alloy is three times of that of silicon steel, and its thickness is only one-tenth of that of silicon steel, which results in very low classical eddy current loss;

Fe-based amorphous alloy ribbon has a fine magnetic domain structure by surface pattern control and magnetic field annealing, which leads to very low abnormal eddy current loss.




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