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    Sintered NdFeB Magnets

        Motor,Domestic Appliances,IT Product,Communication,Mobile phone,MRI,Office Application


    Cast superalloy

        Aerospace,energy,automotive and petrochemical industry fields;

        Precision cast equiaxed grain and directionally solidified products,turbine blades,turbo-charger turbines,hot-end components,heat and corrosion resistant part.


    Deforming superalloy & Corrosion resistant alloy

        Aerospace,nuclear energy,petrochemical,traffic industry fields;

        producing various kinds of shanks,valves,springs,forgings,etc.


    Precision alloy

        Industry fields as Electronics & Electrical,telecommunication,automatic control,etc.;

        Producing various kinds of electric-magnetic action components as iron core of transformer,electric-magnetic valve,magnetic shielding parts,transformer,etc.


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