Main Products

· Ni-base,Co-base and Fe-base cast superalloy


· For Aerospace,energy,automotive and petrochemical industry fields.

· Precision cast equiaxed grain and directionally products,turbine blades,turbo-charger turbine,hot-end components,heat and corrosion resistant parts.

Product Specification

· Diameter: Φ(30~175)mm

· Length: L(800~1200)mm

· Annual Capacity: >2000T

Product Features

· High purity,large batch,good stability and consistency

· Own national patent ZL 99 2 13946.5

Production Features

· Advanced equipments,strictly controlled process,stable production and on-time delivery.

· Surface treatments such as grinding,lathe lapping and shot blasting are available.

· Random-length,bars can be nothed and fractured to specific charge weight or lengths.

Main Metallurgy Facilities

· First-class in the world,fourth-generation vacuum metallurgy equipment

· Low-frequency stirring,inclusions harmful gas were removed at utmost

· High vacuum and small melting chamber, been good to improve alloys’ purity

· Batch quantity up to 3000kg

· Advanced process with flexible skimming, filtering, pouring style

· Auto controlled by computer


3000kg Vacuum Induction Degassing Pouring Furnace


LAB M10 Spectrometer

Casted Superalloys


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